The Hesitation Waltz

   At some point during the model run, a Lucas 6DA intermittant wiper control was fitted. It is activated by briefly depressing the wiper stalk to the single swipe position. Intermittant operation is cancelled by doing it again. The delay interval is fixed, but I think it's set to a pretty good value.

   The connectors on a car without a delay circuit do not match those on the delay circuit board. The sex is reversed, but the wire colors are the same.

   The delay unit sold by Victoria British as a direct replacement unit apparently isn't. It will work, but the connector pins need a little rearrangement. I imagine it is actually for an SD1 or such; I don't have any details.

   The delay circuit uses a custom IC. I haven't done any testing, but I'm sure the delay interval could be changed by adjusting the value of one of the resistors. The case is held together by its mounting bolts, so it easily comes apart. Add a potentiometer mounted below the dash, and you're in business.

   The wiring diagrams for the cars with and without the delay unit seem to be the same, except for the delay unit itself, of course. The delay unit could have been designed to plug into the existing wiper harnesses, but wasn't. Sigh... If you want to add a delay unit to a car that never had one, you'll just have to play with the wiring a bit.