Book 'em, Danno!

   The owner's manuals for fuel injected TR7s and TR8s are split into two volumes. The thicker green booklet contains all the mundane general interest stuff like how to properly tow your horse trailer and what all those big dials in front of the steering wheel are for. Mixed in with the filler, there is some genuinely useful advice on towing the car (remove the driveshaft!) and properly stowing the top. It's a good little booklet to have handy, but not exactly technically interesting.

   On the other hand, its small beige companion, the Fuel Injection Supplement is quite a techno-treat. It covers the operation of the fuel injection system in close detail with pictures and descriptions of what each part does. It details the ins and outs of the exhaust gas recirculation and fuel vapor recovery systems, including detailed drawings of component locations and hose routing.

   It goes on to describe the official maintenance schedule and how to do things like adjusting the handbrake and repacking the wheel bearings. It gives up the goods on lubing the steering rack and retorquing the head bolts on a TR7, too. It's not exactly the ROM, but it's amazingly complete. It even contains tiny but complete schematics for the TR7, TR8 and SD1.

I've put together a high quality Adobe Acrobat PDF of the Supplement. 'Right click' on the link or on the picture of the title page above and select "Save Target As..." to download it. It is identical to the original but with the pages stacked to print properly on US letter sized paper. It's a 10MB download, so for those dial-up Wedgistas in a hurry, I've excerpted the 'General Specifications' pages below for quick access.

Click on each picture for a bigger version.

The engine specs:

The transmission specs:

The rest of the weights and measures: