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« on: January 25, 1992, 12:03:48 AM »

Hi guys.  Paul Adkin is in town.  For those of you who've forgotten,
Paul is the 'expert' at Rover who gave Bill Sohl the info about the
European ECU.  Bill Sweeting read Paul's letter to me over the phone
tonight.  It seems I wasn't exactly right about one thing:  Paul
has evidently NOT actually tried out a European ECU in a US spec car.
Actually, it's not clear so I'll call him tomorrow and ask him
directly!  That will clear up any mystery.  Stay tuned.

Bill Sohl:  If you do get to see him, ask him if I've managed to
get in touch with him.  If not, could you ask him?  This ECU
business is pretty important.

Ever since I was named contact for Fuel Injection problems, I've had
quite a few calls.  Bad ECU's are a bigger problem than you might imagine.
There are several people I've talked to who have intermittent trouble
with their ECU's.  Most common seem to be a bank of injectors failing
to 'squirt' but both Walter and Fred Smith seem to have a surging problem
which seems to be related to the ECU feedback circuitry and the O2
sensors.  I know of only two other people who've had catastrophic
failures (like mine) that have NOT been related to bad electrical
system problems or 'misuse' of jumper cables or the like.  I've also
heard from folks about OTHER people they know who have had trouble.
I don't like this ECU business one bit.

On another note, the MTL seems to work fine.  The box is a little
notchy when cold but otherwise everything seems OK.  I'm eager to
hear something from Red Line.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned.


PS:  Barry:  if you and Fred find out anything more about Fred's car
this weekend, let us know!  Thanks.