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TR8, Wayne's hello...
« on: January 09, 1992, 10:17:41 PM »


Your discussion of your car running hot sounds familiar.  My car always
runs over the 1/2 way mark on my gauge.  However, it never gets to the
3/4 mark 'cause the electric fans switch to high.  I figure the car runs
warm 'cause I have air conditioning and it's hot in Texas.  Tom
never had trouble when he owned the car but it lived in Mountain View
where the weather's balmy.  Actually, it's not really a problem
in my car but it does get pretty hot in parades and heavy stop and go
traffic.  To increase the coolant efficiency, I've thought about using
a 70% water/30% antifreeze solution instead of 50/50.  Whoa, you say.
Don't do it.  You NEED that corrosion protection.  True, true.  However,
the folks at Red Line make a coolant additive which effectively adds
the corrosion protection of a 50/50 solution.  It's used mostly for
racing where guys wanna run pure water (maximum heat transfer) and
still keep their engine insides from corroding.  The Red Line additive
also raises the boiling point of water.  Maybe I won't do it, maybe I
will.  Still, I'm curious, how many of you have A/C cars and how hot
do they get in summer in stop and go traffic?  I'm sure that A/C
condenser out front doesn't HELP the radiator do its job any better.

Oh, I've got a 160 F thermostat in it now.  It's too cold for winter
driving and Fuel injection. It didn't help a lot anyway so I'm putting
a 190 back in when I take the car apart to replace the leaky injectors.

Enough musing.  Back to work!