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TR8 transmission draining

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TR8 transmission draining
« on: January 12, 1992, 12:17:31 PM »

The transmission has a drain plug that's very easy to get at.  Drive
your car around and warm up the transmission.  Pull the car on a level,
warm place and put it up on jack stands.  Slide under the car, watch
out for hot exhaust pipes, and remove the drain plug.  It's magnetic
so don't be surpised to see a few metal shavings stuck to it.  Let
the stuff drain completely out (may take a while), clean the plug,
and reinstall.

The fill plug is harder to get to.  It's on the side of the gearbox,
about 1/2 way up on the driver's side of the box.  Get a long (6 ft)
piece of new clear tubing from your local auto parts store.  Find
a funnel which will fit on the end.  Find a lovely assistant.  Crawl
under the car, unscrew the fill bolt, put the end of the clear tubing
inside the hole.  Now get your assistant to pour in the new fluid
(GM Synchromesh Tranmission Fluid recommended for now).  Gravity
is our friend :-)  All you need to do is watch until the fluid starts
spilling out the hole and your done!  The transmission ought to take
about 2 quarts.  Don't let your assistant pour the fluid too fast or
you may get a bubble in the tube and then you'll have to do something.
I'd recommend the largest diameter tubing you can find that will still
fit in the fill hole.

Write back if you've got any questions!