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TR8, reply to David Huddleson
« on: January 07, 1992, 10:14:47 AM »

David Huddleson writes about me trying out the "new" MTL:


Due to your "not as cold as here" winter temps, maybe leaving the 8
outdoors overnight would have it chilled enough for a good test when
the time comes. Best of luck. By the way, did they say anything about
the GM fluid, or what they did for this new formulation?



Not to worry about testing the "new" MTL in the cold.  Austin is supposed to
get more rain (just what we don't need) and then, over the weekend, it's
all supposed to freeze.  Perfect timing, eh?

As for what Red Line did find out about the GM fluid, I don't know.  They
DID claim they tested it a lot;  I think they used its viscosity
as a guide to "mix" up their "new" MTL.  You can bet they're interested.
They realize that GM must have had a good reason for making the GM fluid
the viscosity they did.  Moreover, they're probably wondering which
GM cars use that fluid (GM gearboxes that use the GM stuff may be a LOT
more plentiful than the Rover 5 speed).  They see a whole new market
out there.  I gathered they did NOT know about the GM stuff before
we made noise so, in a sense, they owe us one :-)  Tim Kerrigan (the
guy I talk to at Red Line) says it's pretty easy to tweak the viscosity
of MTL and I think that's what they did.  Tim did NOT say anything bad
about the GM fluid (like, "Oh, it's just a motor-oil based fluid....")
and I'll be curious to read how they market their "new" stuff.  At any
rate, it looks like we AGAIN have two tranny fluids to choose from.
I'm guessing that the new MTL will probably behave very much like the
GM fluid but, who knows, it may be better?

It's nice to think we, as a club, had something to do with getting
Red Line to make us a custom batch of MTL but it wasn't until I sent
in that 1/2 pint of GM fluid that we really got their attention.

Steve Chandler:  Have you called Red Line and asked for your "new"
MTL yet?  Let us know what they say.