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TR8, MTL "Lite", Saturday report
« on: January 11, 1992, 04:49:24 PM »

FIRST REPORT:  Red Line MTL "Lite"
Saturday, 11 January 92

Well, I got the experimental Red Line MTL the other day.  After
Deb and I got back from dinner last night I got her to help me
drain the GM fluid out and put in the MTL "Lite" (that's MY term
for it).  I first drove the car a bit to get the gearbox warm,
drained the old fluid, got out my
funnel-on-the-end-of-long-clear-tubing gearbox filler, and Deb
poured in the new stuff (gearbox takes almost 2 quarts from
empty).  We closed up the house and took the car out to the
BookStop (WE went in, the car stayed out :-)

How did it work?

LAST NIGHT:  Outside temperature was about 50 F.  The difference
between the GM fluid and the new MTL was noticeable;  MTL felt
much better than the GM fluid.  It's kind of hard to describe but
let me try.  With MTL Lite in the gearbox, shifts feel smooth,
easy, and well-oiled.  You sometimes hear people describe
changing gears as "snick, snick, snick" when the gears work
precisely.  That's close.  The GM fluid feels "thinner" to me;  I
think I can almost feel metal on metal contact when shifting with
the GM fluid.  Shifts are still fairly smooth and easy but not as

THIS MORNING:  Temperature about 40 F.  MTL "Lite" did not do so
well this morning.  Shifting was balky and I was beating the 1-2
synchro and the 2-3 synchro regularly.  To be fair, I could beat
the 1-2 synchro with the GM fluid in there too at these
temperatures.  That synchro is worn and there's no way around it.
As the car warmed a little, shifting got quite nice and by the
time I got back from my test drive, MTL "Lite" felt great.
Still, right now I think the GM fluid will yield smoother
shifting with cold temperatures.  (Perhaps MTL "Lite" is not
quite "Lite" enough yet?)

Good news.  Temperatures here are supposed to drop down to near
freezing on Monday and Tuesday.  I'll be trying the car out each
day and reporting my findings.  Stay tuned.  I'll be calling Red
Line Tuesday afternoon with my report.

Steve:  If you'd like and you haven't called already, I could ask
Red Line to send you some of the new stuff too.  Let me know.

Bill:  Since you're driving your 8 regularly, I'm going to
suggest Tim Kerrigan send you some of the MTL "Lite" for testing
too.  I presume your 1-2 synchro is not worn and NJ temps are
much colder than here in TX.  Are you interested in trying it