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TR8 injectors out

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TR8 injectors out
« on: February 02, 1992, 02:02:34 PM »

Well, yesterday I started THE job:  replacement of two more leaky injectors.
A guy I know with a BMW of about the same vintage is also having trouble
with leaky injectors so it may be a common problem.  Mine have all started
to leak around where the plastic body part joins with the metal part.
The leaking is pretty obvious:  smell and discoloration make a bad one
easy to spot.

Since you have to partially drain the coolant anyway (the Plenum chamber
is coolant heated/cooled), I decided I'd also put back a normal temp
thermostat (190 F).  So, I drained almost all the coolant out of
the radiator (left coolant in the engine block though).  What a mess.
Why couldn't the british guys put a tap on the bottom of the radiator
like US manufacturers have been doing for years?  Removing bottom radiator
hose makes a painful mess, even when you're careful. Anyone have any
ideas on fixes to the radiator draining process?

While I was under the car, what did I see but the dreaded MORE THINGS TO FIX.
Seems that someone had forgotten to tighten one of the bolts holding the fan
brackets to the car.  The bolt was there, half dangling, cross-
threaded, staring at me.  I took it out, cleaned up the threads and racheted
it back in straight.  The I noticed the rust!  The bottom of the radiator
brace used to have a sprayed on black coating.  This stuff had all peeled
off and had surface rust all over it.  I noticed this, of course, because
I had taken off the small rubber/plastic flap that fits below
the spoiler.  It had some overspray on it that I wanted to clean off.
So, I got out the wire brush, cleaned it all up, painted it with rust
reformer, and now I'm waiting for it to get warmer so I can paint it all
black again.

I then went back to the fuel injection.  Took everything off that needed
to come off, and even took off a few more things to check out.  I'll
write a full report up for the next newsletter.  Bad things?  I may
actually have 3 bad injectors.  There was another I hadn't really noticed
that seems to have some discoloration.

Blast.  As usual, more work than I had bargained for.  Oh, I took out
the auxiliary air valve this time.  For those of you with a copy of
my wiring diagram, here's a new Bosch number to add to it:

   Auxiliary air valve:  Lucas 5AV extra air valve
                         Bosch 0 280 140 217

Anyone know if the inside of this thing can be cleaned up?  It's got
a lot of carbon deposits inside.  I wanna check this thing out a little
more.  The heater coil inside has the right resistance but I'd like to
know that it's completely closing.

Right now, the car is in the garage, waiting to be cleaned up a bit,
and then reassembled.  More updates later.