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TR8 Gearbox Fluid

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TR8 Gearbox Fluid
« on: January 04, 1992, 09:10:00 PM »
Here's an item that just came in to my mailbox.  I didn't see
your spin.att.... address included so I'm forwarding a copy.

Jim T. had problems when he tried Red Line's MTL in his
gearbox.  That is what is the background of the post.

Bill Sohl

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Subject: TR8, Red Line MTL

Guess what?  I got a call from Tim Kerrigan at Red Line yesterday!
He thanked me profusely for sending the GM synchromesh gear oil and
reports that Red Line Corporation has formulated a new, light weight
MTL for the Rover 5 speed gearbox!  He's sending me two quarts and
wants me to try it out and report back.  Steve Chandler:  you still
out there?  If so, you oughta call Red Line, talk to Tim, and tell
him you tried MTL at my recommendation and you'd like to evaluate
the new lightweight MTL in your car too!

Now I'll get to compare the new MTL with the GM stuff.  I'll let
everyone (including the BIG list) know after I try it out.

Once again, the value of being a car CLUB has reaped marvelous