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TR8 (fwd) Part 1 of 2

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TR8 (fwd) Part 1 of 2
« on: January 24, 1992, 03:22:00 PM »
Forwarded on behalf of Lawrence Buja:
>   Could you fwd this mail I received from a guy in England on to
> the rest of the TR-8 folks?  Might as well Cc: it to british-cars
> while you're at it since it's a pretty good tale.  And thanks again
>  ============================================================ ============
> FWD From: bobh@ (Bob Hodgeson)
> Lawrence writes...
>> Did you buy another sports car to replace your TR-8?  Also, there
>> is a very active TR-8 mail group that would love to hear any
>> stories you might have of your conversion project.
> Thanks , Lawrence - hope this reaches you as our network here is a
> little disrupted this week - and I don't have access to
> at the moment
> My "TR8" started life as a 1980 TR7 convertible - I bought it
> originally to sell to my cousin's husband who lives out in Africa -
> he is a Triumph freak and is chairman or secretary of one of the
> clubs out there - the intention was to ship it out to him as he
> couldn't find one locally.  Anyhow - I bought the car for what
> seemed a reasonable price - as it included a rare glassfibre
> hard-top and some other parts - unfortunately it had suffered about
> 10 previous owners and was in need of some serious attention to
> most things mechanical! The car was sprayed maroon (badly) but was
> originally carmine red, with a blue interior.  Due to the fact the
> anaemic 2 litre engine was just about shot, and the amount of other
> work to be done, I decided to ditch the engine and drop in a Rover
> 3.5 litre V8.  Fortunately a friend of the previous owner used to
> run a local TR shop, and was into racing TR7's professionally -
> using the Buick/Rover V8 - in the late 1970's. He gave me all the
> info on how to do th I did the TR8 Conversion myself - this took
> about 5 months as I was only able to work on it at weekends -and
> was not without its share of problems ( most of these were due to
> some dubious workmanship on the conversion parts supplied by
> Triumph specialist firms - who should know better!)
> I ran the car for about 1500 miles, then had it tuned up on a
> rolling road by Blydenstein Racing - another local firm - it
> clocked 170BHP at the wheels, which meant about 220BHP at the
> flywheel - very respectable for a 3.5 engine.  (it will be up 5% or
> so when run-in fully)
> After a couple of enjoyable months of leaving trails of smoking
> rubber and upsetting Porsche drivers, I had to part with the car -
> my cousin arrived with the money to pay me for it.  Unfortunately
> he was unable to obtain an import permit from the African
> authorities - when he did finally sort this out, they decided that
> they would charge something like $15000 duties.  Not discouraged,
> he had the car stripped into its component pieces and shipped out
> as parts - leaving behind the bare bodyshell in England..  (This I
> have just sold to a guy who is going to rebuild it - also into a
> TR8 - so it's not finished quite yet)
> Meanwhile my cousin is fitting his hard-earned TR8 bits to another
> TR7 convertible which he managed to find through his club - this
> had a V6 Ford engine badly fitted by someone, but was otherwise in
> good shape. He has now had the car fully rebuilt and resprayed -
> leather interior fitted etc., and it should be back on the road
> very soon - and will be the only TR8 in Africa!
> As for my current sports car - it is a Maserati Biturbo - which is
> OK except when it goes wrong (no comment)! I also have a 1954
> Sunbeam Alpine which I hope to restore before too long. I also have
> a couple of old US cars too..
> We may get another TR7 before long, as my 'other half', Lorena, is
> looking for a 'new' car and has fond memories of the TR8
>  Best regards - Bob
> PS I'll forward more details of the actual conversion itsef soon
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