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TR7 4 speed overdrive!

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TR7 4 speed overdrive!
« on: January 25, 1992, 09:13:41 PM »

Neil Laver of the TR Drivers Club reports that it's possible to
fit the overdrive unit from the Spitfire/Dolomite to the TR7 4
speed gearbox (Classic Cars, January 1992).

"So what?" you say.  Well, my brother has a 4 speed TR7 (1975!).
I figure this would make a GREAT birthday present.  However, I
haven't got the vaguest idea how an overdrive like this works.  I
also don't really have a good idea of what might be involved in
such a conversion.  Can anyone help with some information about
overdrives?  I'm hate to admit it, but I'm really in the dark
about these things.



PS:  yes, yes, I will also write the TR Drivers Club for details