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Stag, gearbox

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Stag, gearbox
« on: May 03, 1993, 04:08:29 PM »
On the Stag, well, have you ever owned an early TR7?  If not, I'd say
the Stag is *NOT* the car for you.  However, I'm sure you'll hear from
others on this list about that :-)  Too bad such a nice looking car
had to be saddled with such a monstrously unreliable engine...  They
would've probably sold billions of them if they had put the ROVER V8
inside the engine bay...

> There is oil in the trans, 80 WT gear oil. Will the GM fluid solve this?
> I find a little stickiness in the 1-2 shift when the temps below 50 degrees,
> but this subsides when the box warms and I double clutch until it does.

The GM fluid probably won't solve your noise problem but it *IS* a very
nice "upgrade" to do to the transmission.  People in the TR8CCA have been
using it with no trouble for at least a couple of years now.  *I* would
recommend switching over right away.  FYI, the factory fill should
be straight 75W (find it at a Saab or Volvo dealer).