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Stag attack over...

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Stag attack over...
« on: May 05, 1993, 09:14:21 AM »

Well, folks, you can all relax now. The Stag attack is over. I was a day
late and a dollar short, as usual.

I left work early to go look at the car in Beach Haven, NJ, about 30
miles south of where I live in Brick. I stopped at home to pick up
a copy of The Vintage Triumph (the owner wanted to see one) and called
to let him know I was coming.

The car had been sold the night before. Two doctors from Middletown
drove down in a fully restored TR6, looked the Stag over, ruminated
on it for a while, then made an offer close enough to the asking
price of $4500.00 that the deal was made. They say they will give it
a frame-up restoration, which is more than I had time or money to do.
Supposedly these two clowns have a warehouse somewhere nearby loaded
with Triumphs. Restoring these cars is a lifestyle for them. More power
to them. At least the car will get proper treatment, not get sold to
the Japanese or end up with some kid making it into a monster 4WD
with a Chevy engine...

So British Cars Anonymous (motto: "Friends don't let friends buy Triumphs")
works again. You kept me talking just long enough to take the burden of
decision away. I'll let you know whenever I need you again.