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Some possible 215 modifications

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Some possible 215 modifications
« on: April 29, 1993, 08:32:44 AM »
This is a long post. might be easier to read printed.

These are posible 215 mods worked out/biult by:
Phil Baker
Baker's Auto Repair
Seattle, WA

Dan LaGirou
D&D Fabrications
Rochester. MI

never called them, But ...

Reference: Hotrod, March 1985 pg 84

CID    BORE    STROKE    PISTON       ROD        HEADS    
217    3.5     stock     215+.03     stock       215 Buick or Olds 4-barrel  
+.03            2.8    Buick (silvo-                  
                       lite 1718+.03                  
     Buick Heads: 8.8:1 CR. Olds Heads:2-barrel loses too much compression
     8.6:1 with 4-barrel heads

245  3.736    stock   305 Chevy  '64-67          Olds 2-barrel, 4-barrel
               2.8    l69 (GM-   Buick 300        Buick 215
     Using sleeves 3.75x.09375. max milage using 4-barrel Olds or Buick
     heads. 5-speed T-50 or T-5 recommended. Crower milage cam a must.
     Piston pin hole must be honed. CR over 11:1 w/ Olds 2-barrel heads

247  3.750   stock   265 Chevy  2" journal       Olds 2-barrel, 4-barrel
              2.8    flat-top   early small      Buick 215
                     (Perfect   block Chevy    
                    Circle 224-
     Olds 2-barrel gives 2.0:1 less compression than 4-barrels. Olds CR w/
     .020-thick gasket: 8.54:1. Install sleeves as per 245-cid.

262  stock  '64-'67   140 Chevy  same as above   same as above
     3.5   Buick 3.4  Vega (TRW
                      L26401F) or
                      267 Chevy
                      (Sealed Po-
                      wer 8456P)
     140 Vega piston, 4-barrel Olds or Buick heads: 10.25-10.5:1 CR.
     2-barrel heads 2.0:1 lower CR. 267 Chevy piston: .5 lower CR than
     Vega. Must deck 267 piston .050

266 stock   same as   170 Ford 6   stock 215      same as above
    3.5+.03           +.03 (TRW
     For racing or ultimate Crower milage system, (Crower CMS-1 cam
     recommended for mileage). Rod must be honed. CR w/.04-thick gasket:
Olds 4-barrel 13.4:1. Buick heads 13.3:1. Olds 2-barrel 11.4:1

CID  Bore  Stroke    Piston        Rod              Heads        

289  3.68  '64-67   255 Ford      stock        '64 Buick 300
           Buick    (sealed Po     215
            3.4"    wer 9039P)
     Port Heads, use oversize 5/16-stem valves. Install sleeves 3 11/16x
     3/32-inch. Hone rod for pin (.875 to .912). CR 10.38:1 with '64
Buick heads and .040 gasket.

292  3.721  3.4"   2800cc Ford   2 journal    Olds 2-barrel '64
                   v6, 1.516     early Chevy  Buick 300
                   comp. hght.,
                   +.06 (Per-
                   ect Circle
     Different manufacturers Ford 2.8l v6 piston compression heights may
     vary: must use 1.516 for this combo. Sleeves as per 289-cid. Hone
     piston for Chevy pins. CR: 10.81 with Olds 2-barrel heads and .02"

298  3.736 3.4  305 Chevy      2" Chevy       same as above
                dished LG4       above
                (TRW L2432F)
     Install sleeves 3 3/4x3/32. Olds 2-barrel heads and .040 gasket:
     9.2:1 CR. '64 Buick heads and .040 gasket: 8.7:1 CR. Mopar
     slant-six modified pushrods recommended.

305  3.780 3.4  2.3L Ford      above          64 Buick 300
                Turbo 4
                (TRW l2455F)
     Ultimate combination for street high performance. Ford turbo piston
     has .400 thick deck, allowing variable CR's from 8.0-11.5:1. Use
     oversized 5/16 stem valves, ported heads, big cam, chrome-moly
     tubular pushrods, '74 Buick 350 HEI distributor. '67-'69 avelin AFB
     carb (Carter 4660) has 1 1/16 primaries x 1 9/16 secondaries,
     bolts to stock intake with no adapter required.

Done. If I knew how long this would take, might not have gotten this out.
This article doesn't mention anything about TRIUMPH/ROVER parts, and
I'd like to hear about them.

There is alot of mmaterial in this article about modifying the back
of the block for the 3.4" crank rear seal, turning the crank, modifying
the rods... If anyone really would like a copy, let me know.

With the records GROUP44 set and a motor setup like this,
We have serious Porsche eating material.