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Rockers on SD1

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Rockers on SD1
« on: March 02, 1994, 05:56:18 PM »
  Kevin enquired as to whether the rocker assembly on the SD1 engine
and the Buick (P6B) engine are the same.  Well at the Rover club meeting
last night the technical director said yes and no.  They're almost
identical the only difference being the rockers themselves.  On the P6B
the rockers are angled to work the valves.  On the SD1 the rockers are
straight with a flange to reach across to the valve stem.  The SD1
system is better.

  He also mentioned he has a set of roller rockers specifically for the
SD1 engine for sale.  Then ensued an interesting discussion on sludge
build up in the rocker area.  One guy commented on how his rockers
were almost buried in sludge.  The high volume but low oil pressure in
the engine makes rocker lubrication difficult.  Thats while the relief
spring is changed.  The area becomes sludged up easily which can block
channels.  The rocker shaft also becomes sludged which restricts the
oil flow to the rocker arms.  This leads to the common rocker shaft
wear.  Anyone tried to clean the sludge out of their rocker shaft?

  Roller rockers fix this by removing the need for pressurized shaft
lubrication (the rocker arms rotate on the roller and not a film of
oil).  Splash lubrication is sufficient.  With the roller rockers the
oil feed passages have to be restriction to about 1mm.  Also the the
relief spring must be changed back as the oil pressure is 50psi
normally and can reach 100psi with the changed spring.

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