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Re: timing/Torx head screws/regionals

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Re: timing/Torx head screws/regionals
« on: April 29, 1993, 09:17:58 AM »
>  So, I should just start slowly advancing the timing until I find something
>  that me and the car both like?
Well, let's not go to town here... Too much timing buys you nothing. I know,
i've tried (hmm, maybe if I crank in 25 degrees I can outdrag that Dodge Viper)
It just doesn't work... it seems 5-10 degrees is about the range to work with.
Remember, your ECU is involved in your overall performance also...

>  My seats screws were fairly munched up when I got the car.  Near as I know,
>  you can't find a metric Torx allen wrench without ordering one special ($$$)

I was able to buy single Torx sockets here. I had bought a socket
set with about 6 torx bit included, but not the one I needed!!! So  went and
bought it for that specific purpose!

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