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re: Stag
« on: May 04, 1993, 03:54:00 PM »
Originally posted by: bulkrate!whs70 (sohl,william h)

> From bcr!att!spin!wms Tue May  4 13:38:24 1993
>    Price is $4500 negotiable. How negotiable, I don't know. Maybe
> we'll find out if the car is good. What are reasonable prices for
> restored Stags in this area? What about maintained original ones? I
> have a friend in Kansas who's owned a number of them (back home in the
> UK, and now one here) who thinks the price is very good if the car is
> in the condition the owner states. I'd like to get as much info as
> possible before I go look at it.
>    Wayne

If the starting price is $4500 and the car is as described, that seems very
reasonable. Obviously the lower the price, the better from your perspective.

Remember, the STAG engine is unique to the STAG.  The 3.0 liter Stag
V8 engine was ONLY found in the Stag, so it makes any great distance
driving somewhat a risk should any major engine problem befall you.
That's a good argueing point for low price.

An important consideration is that the appeal for the car is pretty much
limited to Triumph people as they know the "problems" of the car and
the prospect of good maintenance, repair, etc.

Good lucvk,