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Re: electronic ignition module

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Re: electronic ignition module
« on: May 03, 1993, 04:37:55 PM »
Jim writes:
>  Still, the antiflash cover is all crumbly (could that cause the car to quit?)

I wouldn't think so, unless somehow the current arced from the rotor down past
the antiflash cover into the electronics.  When I added a Lumenition system
to my car I had to toss the antiflash cover since it no longer fit.  (I
don't need it anymore, anyway - there is almost no metal where the ignition
electronics used to be.)  I haven't had any problems since.

>  Anyway, I was thinking of ordering a Lumenition kit from Eightparts.  Anyone
>  know of a better place to get one?  Barry, I'm looking up your old posts
>  on how to deal with the ballast resistor "blob" and may be calling you
>  sometime :-)  

I bought my Lumenition kit from TS Imports.  They had the best price at the
time, about 1 1/2 years ago.  Let me know if you need help with the wiring;
I still have my charts.  (If you want I can draw them up on the Mac and send
them to you via email.)


PS  I was on Fred Smith's trip a week or so ago where we managed to get 13
    TR8s on a road trip.  Full details will follow when I get a little more