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Re: British Car Day, New Jersey 5/2/93

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Re: British Car Day, New Jersey 5/2/93
« on: May 04, 1993, 12:59:00 PM »
Originally posted by: bulkrate!whs70 (sohl,william h)

> Bill,
>    Shit, I missed another British Car Day at Lewes Morris. Oh well, I
> don't have my TR registered anyway. I will do that soon, as I have
> finally convinced my wife to take our new Saturn as her car so I can
> sell the Nissan she drives.
>    One note. I'm calling on a Stag this evening. I'm not sure whether
> this is a good thing or a bad thing. Like me, you must be a member
> of British Cars Anonymous. Care to say anything to stop me?
> Wayne

Just be very wary of the condition of the engine.  If it doesn't run
do to mechanical problems it usually involves major $$$ to repair.