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Cold Shifting Troubles and ATF

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Cold Shifting Troubles and ATF
« on: January 11, 1992, 08:12:47 PM »

   Being new to this mailing list, I'm not fully up-to-date on this
thread. Let me make some guesses. Some of you people are having trou-
ble shifting gears on cold mornings. You have difficulty shifting from
first to second, and maybe even second to third. You have attributed
this problem to worn syncros. You use some form of ATF in your gear-
boxes to reduce this problem.
   I'm not clairvoyant, so correct me if I'm wrong on any of these
points. I have the same problem, particularly on the 1-2 shift. It
is sometimes so bad that the trans will not allow me to "un-select"
1st for the shift. I used to "double clutch" for this, but now even
that doesn't work. Now I just start of in second until the trans warms
up. Once it does, everything is OK.
   I believe my car has standard 80W gear oil in it, and I have read
in a service bulletin somewhere that using ATF will help. I get from
our conversations that people are evaluating specific ATF's for this
job. My questions are two. First, has anyone tried B&M Trick Shift
(a hot rodders ATF), and how did it work? Second, what's the easy way
to drain the trans? I'm lazy and want to save a session with the
service manual. If you like, just point me to the page where this is
   If I'm all wet, just tell me so...


PS I'm specifically interested in Trick Shift because I have 8 quarts
left over from the dark ages which I had intended to put in one of my
old Mustangs. I didn't because it doesn't specifically say "OK for
Ford cars" on the label. Maybe its OK for the TR. I remeber the stuff
being outandishly expensive at the time, maybe a whopping $1.65 per
quart! (This sort of talk makes me feel so old)
   Also, I notice a sort of growling noise my trans makes with the
car idling in neutral with the clutch released. The noise goes away
when you press in the clutch. I always speculated that this was the
trans oil pump, but maybe its that syncro. Any guesses?