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8 distributors
« on: May 12, 1993, 12:14:11 PM »

It seems our personal accounts are back up (sort of).  So, I'll try things
out by asking everyone a question or two:

(1)  The interior on Tom Bishop's Pharoah Gold TR8 has a code of CAAA
     (yes, that's 3 A's).  The door panel cloth trim goes across the
     entire length of the door too, not like my 8 where there's just
     a central part surrounded by vinyl.  Anyone know what the CAAA
     trim code stands for?

(2)  Tom has an AC Delco distributor in his car.  He's trying to make
     a concours winner and the non original distributor is probably
     going to get him in trouble with some judge someday.  Anyone know
     where he can still get an original Lucas distributor?

(3)  By the way, is the Delco distributor a common replacement?  Is
     it better (performance wise) than the stock Lucas part?  Or is
     the Lucas part just a delco distributor with Lucas insides maybe?
     Speaking of distributors, anyone have a good electronic one to
     recommend?  I'd love to have one that I could play around with
     the vacuum and mechanical advances...