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Triumph Overdrive Transmissions TR6 /GT6

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Triumph Overdrive Transmissions TR6 /GT6
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:06:33 PM »
I own a 1980 TR7 with 5 speed transmission. and I am thinking of adding a

70 ish Triumph GT6+ to the family fleet.   I have been looking for one with

an overdrive transmission.   The car may be a driver or a project.   Was

the Triumph TR6 transmission with overdrive available in other cars in the

Triumph family?   Am I looking for a phantom 45 year old car in that

possibly there were not GT6s with overdrive?   When I was young and these

cars were new I remember driving the TR6 with overdrive,  a switch on the

top of the shifter knob if I remember correctly?

Anyone help with my questions on this area of TR history and knowledge.   I

am in Canada so I am definitely talking about exported to North America cars.




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