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j t

RE: Coupe door seals
« on: February 17, 2016, 03:54:10 PM »

 So one way to help is to tape around the outside of the window with say blue painters tape sealing the glass to the door frame and go for a ride. This will give a better idea of where the wind/noise is coming from.

 I bought new door window seals from Mac and he sent the wrong material. The track was twice a wide as the glass....long time since I have seen 7/16 sideglass in a TR7/8 ...p2.  After a few comments/tries he admitted the error and replaced the tracks. Installing these not high on the fun scale. It is done and the wind noise is greatly reduced.

 My 8 FHC has stock door seals and they are not bad but with a high pressure hose they will leak water so no question they leak air. You may wish to look at: Mac does not draw his own seal and the material would come from a firm as as Fairchild. A year ago I talked with someone, I would need to look back for the name, who would make 50 sets for about $7,5000 if provided with a left and right sample. You comment about the factory seals not fitting is correct for today. I think the may have fit 30 years ago.

 I think the way to make a new seal on a bone-offb manner is to take the ends and make the rear corner at say the circa 45d angle. Now using the material Mac sends you will have a seal that is some 10inches to long. Cut it again avoiding to issue of "well I have cut it three times and it is still to short". Cut it to the exact required length at say the bottom of the door opening and glue it again. If there were a left and right side seal made in this manner then one would be sure they FIT.

 Then a vendor, perhaps someone the TRF works with could produce new bfactory" seals. The wedge community might step up with a preorder.  

 Your thoughts?




John TaylorGreenfield


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Subject: Re: Coupe door seals



Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 12:20:31 -0600

    Hi John,


    Thanks for the thoughts on installation. There is a LOT of wind
    noise in the car and I am not sure if it is door seal, window seal,
    or just "noise"; so I will be very careful when installing the new
    seals to make sure they fit & seal correctly.





    On 2/16/16 13:53, j t wrote:


         I have been looking into this
              for sometime and it
              will be interesting to see how it works for you. I have a
              sample of the material Mac uses and I think there is a
              question of the top rear door corner hitting the seal. I
              would consider joining the spot and forming an inverted
              backwards bLb at the top with the top piece running over
              to the plastic vent cover. It may wish to filled it with
              some foam as it is may fill with water.

         If you cut the seal at a 45
              angle and the door hits the seal then I will join you in
              doing the same. In fact then we would have a prototype to
              offer to Fairchild Industries or another firm.

         PLEASE keep me in the loop !

         THANK YOU !!  





          John Taylor




            Life is
                  not a do not want to finish first.






          > Subject: Re:  Coupe door seals

            > To:

            > From:

            > Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 08:33:35 -0600


            > I just ordered a set of FHC door, window channel, &
            bonnet seals from

            > Martin (MacGregor). I have not installed them yet.
            Martin is very

            > friendly to chat with, he takes Visa but not
            Mastercard, all the seals

            > come in a roll, so you have to join them - but that
            means THERE ARE NO

            > KINKS in them!! The prices on his web site are a little
            out of date.


            > Highly recommended.


            > Cheers

            > Bill


            > On 2/16/16 08:21, Randall Glass wrote:

            > > I made the same mistake buying the VB seals. Not
            only are they not correct but

            > > didn't even seal the door opening. I had to fight
            them to make a return and

            > > get my money back.

            > >

            > >> On Feb 16, 2016, at 6:48 AM, Yellow04

            > >>

            > >> Silly me, I ordered the Vicky Brit door seals.
            I can deal with not the

            > > original design, but the seal they supply will not
            work. So I searched the

            > > archives and found MacGregor in Canada as a
            potential source, but his website

            > > is devoid of any Wedge door seals. I didn't find
            any messages in the archive

            > > closing the loop on the MacGregor seals, did they
            work? Is he still supplying

            > > them?

            > >> I see TRF has a door seal listed, but at
            almost $100 a side I wanted see if

            > > anybody has any feedback before I order them.

            > >> Thanks!

            > >>

            > >> Henry

            > >>