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FYI: update on shocks

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FYI: update on shocks
« on: February 12, 2016, 03:33:14 PM »
See below. At some point I may ask for a show of handsB but NOT YET. Yes,

theyB know what SPAX and GAZ are charging per pair. They've also inquired

about front Koni struts too, just to see what the Dutch guys think. By the

way, I actually really like the combination of KYB front struts and Koni rear

shocks on my DHC.


Hello Jim,

Thank you for your interest.

Koni has

submitted a request to Holland for pricing. This could take several weeks (or

more) as they have not made these shocks in 6-7 years and engineering,

reactivation and cost of components must be computed in order to determine a

per piece price.

Additionally they tell me that you are looking at a 6-8 month

lead time, at least that would give you time to sell them.

Yes, we have done

runs on the Stag shocks in the past but at present we have none in stock and

there is insufficient demand to warrant another run.

We will be in touch when

we hear form Koni Holland.

Thanks again,




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Re: FYI: update on shocks
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2016, 04:22:55 PM »
Just thinking (dangerous, I know).  Does Bilstein make a shock for the wedge ?

Another question.  I have a chance to get a Buick 300 (64/65) C/I block for my

slipped liner 215.  I have a balanced rotating assembly and reworked Buick 300

alloy heads.  This motor comes with a bell housing and all rotating internals

but no heads.  I am under the perhaps erred belief that the deck height on the

C/I block 300 is higher than the 215 (which the motor now in the car was made

from).  Bore on both is 3.75 (?).  I do not want to assemble the motor and

find I have a 7 to 1 compression ratio . Current motor dyno'd at 278 RWHP till

the liners went south.

The 215 block can probably be repaired with TOP HATS at high cost OR I can go

with the 300 and not spend anywhere as much $$$.  The weight difference is

somewhere around 65 lbs and the 8 has no A/C "stuff" any longer so weight will

not be much of an issue.

One other option is to redo a 4.6 but AFIAK they have liner issues also.   The

4.0 is an option but not certain 240hp is going to get it done.  My other 8

has that at the rear wheels.


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Re: FYI: update on shocks
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2016, 05:03:44 PM »
No. I've asked. People HAVE fit Bilsteins to wedges though but they've had to modify the mountings. Disclaimer: I have Bilsteins all around on all 3 of our Volvos and I'm very fond of them.