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FI tank hose clamp

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FI tank hose clamp
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:40:58 AM »
The originals were these sorts of things (see link), McMaster lists them as

constant tension spring band but I think they have a proper name too:

Every clamp I've seen has been red FWIW. I'm almost willing to bet that the

clamps that hold the brake booster lines in place (same style) are the right


With a needle nose right angle pliers you should be able to manage to get the

clamp on. Kind of awkward but workable. That hose doesn't need to be high

pressure either, only AFTER the pump does the pressure go up to 35 psi. It's a

funny size hose as well, metric for sure. Michael and I used some VW hose that

matches the original nicely although the originals braiding was coated and the

replacement VW hose is uncoated braiding.



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