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Wedge List / Re: TR8 water pump rebuild parts
« Last post by Darrell Walker on March 03, 2018, 10:33:02 AM »
I know this thread was about getting parts to rebuild yourself, but I thought

I would mention that I used this guy:


Hebll rebuild your original pump, did what looks like an excellent job on

mine, and was fast.  The pump body did get painted in a metallic gray, but you

could probably have him skip that step if you wanted to keep the original bare


IIRC, it was $125 plus shipping.




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Wedge List / Re: TR8 water pump rebuild parts
« Last post by Terry Merrell on March 03, 2018, 08:48:50 AM »
I would definitely be interested as well. I purchased, at the time about 10

years ago, the very last A1 Cardone rebuilt unit at the regional Carquest

warehouse. I elected to eat the core charge. It is most definitely an original

OEM TR8 unit. Regretfully, while I dont think it would affect performance, the

impeller looks like it fell off the back of a truck and bounced down the

interstate, which is why I suspect it was still at the warehouse as the box

had a number of greasy fingerprints from being opened, inspected, and

returned, likely several times. Ibm a sucker for unwanted cast offs, as is

evidenced by my choice of cars... LOL. In addition to my TR8 and TR7s, I own

an old Land Rover Discovery (probably less reliable than a 75 TR7) and a 1988

Land Rover Santana. The Santana is the Spanish cousin of the British Land

Rover that no Land Rover Defender owner wants to admits is a relation.  Ask a

Defender owner about the Santana if you want a good laugh. They are nearly

identical in appearance and share about 95% of all parts with Defenders and

Series Land Rovers but a Defender owner would take that as the supreme insult

if you suggested such a thing. However, a nice driver condition Santana will

run you about $15,000 and similar condition Defender puts you in the $50,000

price range.

Back to the TR8 water pump.The impeller was clearly not originally mated to

the that body as the body itself is in quite good shape. I still have it but

Ibm not sure after at least a decade on the shelf it would be the best

option. Ibm someone that likes to have a spare of everything on the shelf. I

have become a bit more reasonable over the past few years and now only have 1

spare of everything.

Terry in St. Louis

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Wedge List / Re: TR8 water pump rebuild parts
« Last post by Jack Brooks on March 02, 2018, 10:43:46 PM »

If you find kits and a quantity buy will help, count me in also.

Jack Brooks
Wedge List / Re: TR8 water pump rebuild parts
« Last post by Bill on March 02, 2018, 07:53:55 PM »
Me too.B  As I put the pulleys etc on my motor it is hard not to notice

how heavy some of them are.B  The water pump pulley is thick walled cast

iron.B B  The replacement water pump pump Hub i bought is similar,

unnecessarily, robust and heavy.B  I live 1 mile from summit racing and

all of their lightweight aluminum pulleys are similarly heavy walled and

still heavy.B  The lightest I have found are the spun steel oem units.

Aluminum looks good but unless you have them truly custom machined they

are not lighter than the OEM steel units.B  Not to be confused with the

OEM cast iron units which would drag the Titanic to the bottom..
Wedge List / Re: catalytic converters
« Last post by on March 02, 2018, 04:11:16 PM »
Probably the best bet would be to go on Amazon and get a generic aftermarket, weld-in cat with the same inlet/outlet diameter, such as Magnaflow and have a muffler shop cut out the old cat and weld the new one into your existing downpipe.  Probably could do both sides for under $250.

Wedge List / TR8 water pump rebuild parts
« Last post by Mark Elbers on March 02, 2018, 10:26:33 AM »
Ibve read comments in the past that the TR8 water pump can be rebuilt.  I

donbt want to purchase a rebuilt unit,  but rather do it myself.

All the usual google searches come up empty,  but there are companies that

rebuild these things,  so the parts must be available somewhere.

Does anyone know of a source for the seals and bearings?   Part numbers would

also be great.


Mark Elbers



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Wedge List / Re: catalytic converters
« Last post by Benjamin Zwissler on March 02, 2018, 09:05:56 AM »
Up until recently most aftermarket replacement cats for cars built before

the mid 90's were sold as two styles, small and big.  The muffler shop guy

looked up your car and it told him which one to weld in.  The certification

requirements the aftermarket suppliers had to meet were pretty lax and

mostly they just worried about making sure the "check engine" light stayed

out when the cat was replaced.  The check engine light was only a problem

for cars built after 1992 as before that detection of a failed cat via OBD

was not required.  The only way a bad cat was detected prior to OBD was via

the tailpipe sniffer at your annual inspection.

It was the requirement to detect failed cats via OBD that drove a 2nd,

downstream O2 sensor.  Post 1992 there's a bigger issue with fitting the

"right" catalyst, but even then there's still not near as much work put in

to make sure the aftermarket cat is the same capability as OEM.

3-way cats were prevalent by the early 80s.  They require stoichiometric

combustion which usually requires EFI with O2 sensor feedback to achieve.

Some of the early solutions in the 70's (Honda CVCC, Chrysler's Lean Burn

and other carburettor-based solutions with air pumps) used simpler

oxidation cats or no cats at all.

CARB and EPA have learned that this "generic" replacement cat approach

didn't provide OEM-level performance and California has recently started

making the aftermarket cat suppliers run more rigorous testing to ensure

they restore OEM level emissions reduction.  I've recently seen ads stating

that cats were CARB-approved.

I'd say its unlikely you'll find a supplier that'll make a bolt in

replacement cat for our cars, but its not too hard to weld a generic

replacement into the existing plumbing.  Muffler shops do it regularly, but

it won't be exactly the same from a concours perspective.

Wedge List / catalytic converters
« Last post by tencate on March 02, 2018, 08:18:56 AM »
The original cats on the efi TR8s were 3 way cats, good for roughly 100k miles

as I recall. Albert is looking for suitable replacements, originals if

possible but aftermarket will do as well if they'll fit. For those of you who

live in "emissions" states, what have you replaced your cats with and are they

3 way?

I'm NOT an expert on cats by the way, except for the one that pesters me to

get out of bed so she can go out hunting mice every morning.




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Wedge List / Re: TR8 wrecked
« Last post by Todd Kishbach on March 02, 2018, 07:27:04 AM »
Glad to hear your OK.  Cars can be replaced.  Especially TR8s that donbt

really fetch as much money as they should.  Might be a chance to ride the

insurance into something more like what you wanted to do with your car.

Modified ones donbt fetch much more money than stock ones, but those mods

sure add up quick if your the one doing them.  Your whole story hits a little

close to home for me.  Just picked up an 06 Saab 9-3 for daughter #2.  I

offered her a gorgeous orange TR7 coupe, but she passed.  She wanted the 4.0L

green convertible TR8.  I passed.  Once the dust settles, if you decide to

move on from the wrecked car, or even if you decide to fix it, give me a

shout.  Bringing them back from the dead is my specialty.  Backed more than

one into concrete walls on the track.  Ibd be interested in buying what

remains of the car, or helping out in anyway I can to save it.

Todd Kishbach

Wedge List / Re: TR8 wrecked
« Last post by WFO Herb on March 01, 2018, 10:47:20 PM »
Glad to hear you are okay. Next couple days may say different, however.  Be

sure to follow up on any "new" aches and pains!

Sorry to hear about your 8 and sure as heck hope the driver of the truck

gets caught and prosecuted to the fullest measure.

Were I closer, I might give your car a new garage to reside in.

Take care,


Grants Pass, OR




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