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Wedge List / TR7 No Cranking Problem
« Last post by William Smith on October 07, 2017, 09:53:22 PM »
My '80 TR7 is no longer turning over. It began last month. First time, I turned the key twice and nothing (no clicking or any other sound) although dash warning lights seemed to come on normally. Then on the third try it started normally, I drove it to the gas station, gassed up, and started normally for the trip home. A week later, turned the key once and again nothing. On second try, it started right up and I drove it 80 miles, parked it for seven hours, then it started normally for the 80 mile trip home. Didn't try to start it until this past Wednesday (about 2-1/2 weeks after parking it in the garage and it wouldn't crank no matter how many times I tried. Same thing today. Before I embark on trying to locate the problem, several initial questions for the group:

1. Is there any specific problem unique to TR7s that would cause this?

2. I looked at the wiring diagram (which is mostly incomprehensible to me) and noted that there is a "starter relay". What is that relay's purpose? My TR6 has no such relay.

3. If it turns out to be the starter/solenoid, what has the group's experience been with the newer high-torque starters?

B  B - Are they an exact fit?

B  B - Will the stock heat shield fit on them?

B  B - How do they hold up?

B  B -A number of vendors carry them. B Are any vendors' starters better than the others?B

B  B - Anything else I should know about them?

Any info will be appreciated.B


Bill Smith

'80 TR7 DHC

'72 TR6

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Wedge List / Re: fuel venting cpas
« Last post by dave1massey on October 07, 2017, 11:26:22 AM »
Me too, but mine was so bad I would get drippage when the tank was full.


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Wedge List / Re: fuel venting cpas
« Last post by "Jim Altman" on October 07, 2017, 11:08:05 AM »
It's kinda off-topic to the gas cap issues, requests, etc., but, when

seeking the source of a fume odor, open the little panel (behind the battery

in an 8) in the trunk that accesses the hoses and vapor separator on top of

the tank next to the filler pipe.  I had a fume situation some years ago

that was a perished hose in that area.

Jim Altman
Wedge List / fuel venting cpas
« Last post by tencate on October 07, 2017, 10:24:57 AM »
Does someone have a vented and non-vented cap handy and if so, mind taking it

apart and taking a few photos so I can show our Bulletin readers what the

differences are? :-) Both of mine are non-vented I'm afraid. Although one of

the new gaskets I put on isn't quite thick enough and I'm smelling gas venting

out the back too :-(

No pressure build up though. Yowsa. But I do recall getting some of that when

I was living in Texas actually. Not as bad as Steve though.

Hope the paint is OK in the end!


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Wedge List / Re: TR8 F.I. Fuel Venting Problem
« Last post by on October 06, 2017, 09:19:27 PM »
I suggest you check out the vapor recovery system.  And check all the associated lines/hoses. There's a vapor separator cannister just forward of the boot and two charcoal cannisters under the hood.  There's an electrically operated check valve between them and the intake that opens when the engine is running allowing the manifold vacuum to draw off and burn the accumulated vapors from the charcoal cannisters.  Any of these components could be compromised causing a buildup of pressure in the tank.  The other bad thing that can happen is the fuel pump pulls out all the fuel creating a vacuum that can, in extreme cases, collapse the tank.  

The fuel caps in the FI cars are non vented so the vapors can't escape into the atmosphere.  If you can't solve this problem, try to get a non vented cap.  I think the UK spec cars had the non vented caps and I think VB sells them.  You'll be ok as long as you don't have to pass a smog test.  

Wedge List / Re: TR8 F.I. Fuel Venting Problem
« Last post by Ted Schumacher on October 06, 2017, 09:10:57 PM »
Check the heat shields mounted to brackets attached to tank. If heat shields are damaged or missing, heat from tail pipes will heat tank and percolate fuel. Lots of pressure which escapes under pressure when cap is removed. Tef

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Wedge List / Re: TR8 F.I. Fuel Venting Problem
« Last post by W Parris on October 06, 2017, 08:29:09 PM »
Running with no cap will be fine.


Wedge List / Re: TR8 F.I. Fuel Venting Problem
« Last post by dave1massey on October 06, 2017, 07:47:16 PM »
The tank is vented via a tube to a fuel separator mounted behind the access panel in the boot then to a tube to the charcoal canister.B  If the canister is in good nick check the tubing for kinks.B  I had an issue where that tube came in contact with the exhaust system and melted shut.

Dave MasseyB

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Wedge List / TR8 F.I. Fuel Venting Problem
« Last post by Stephen Sanders on October 06, 2017, 07:35:06 PM »
So I'm on my way to the Shenandoah Valley British Car show in Waynesboro Va

this morning and I am about an hour into my 3 hour journey when I start to

smell the faint smell of gasoline.  I immediately think that perhaps one of my

F.I. lines might be leaking. So I planned on stopping at a gas station along

the way and check it out. Get to the gas station and pop the hood but the

engine compartment doesn't show any leakage and there really isn't any smell

of fuel either.  I chalk it off as maybe I'm running too rich. I close the

hood and proceeds to go to the back of the car to top off the tank. I start to

pop the fuel cap off and as I open it I get a HUGE rush of air mixed with gas

fumes billowing out the fuel neck.....and shortly after that it starts to

spill fuel out the top of the neck of the fuel neck and down the side of the

car.........Aaaaaak!  I quickly try and put the cap back on as It continues to

spill more fuel out the top of the tank and on to the back lid of my Wedge.

So basic auto mechanics in my head is telling me that I've got a venting

issue.  I assume the first place to start would be the EGR and associated

lines.  Any other words of wisdom of other places to look.  Also, while I'm

trying to diagnose and fix this problem, would it be alright to run the car

with the gas cap on loose or even without the cap entirely?  Weather forcast

is has no rain in sight.  The car is a 1981 fuel injection TR8.

Steve Sanders

1976 DATSUN 280Z









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Wedge List / 30th Anniversary
« Last post by Dr C K Smith - on October 04, 2017, 02:15:08 AM »

Ive been on the wedge list for a few years so thought it was time to say Hi

 I own a reasonable collection of wedges in the UK and Europe and

occasionally looking for parts to improve the cars. If anyone is travelling to

UK or Italy and wishes to see the collection then please contact m and I will

try to accommodate you.

Currently I am looking for a heater control panel in gray with

air-conditioning hole  this needs to be NOS or in excellent condition. This

is for a 30th Anniversary car (the actual one on the posters) which has got

damaged whilst on loan to a TR member!  I am also after a complete front

fog-light or BOSCH cover (I need one but happy to take a pair)

Many thanks and happy wedging




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