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TR8 suddenly won\'t start

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TR8 suddenly won\'t start
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:52:58 PM »
Skipping one tooth will effect how it runs but they usually will run still.B

You will have to skip a number of teeth to make it not run anymore.

But the easiest way to check for spark is with a timing light which will also

let you know if it is properly timed.B  Two birds with one stone.


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someone once told me that jumped timing chains were uncommon, not unheard of,

but reasonably rare...

BUT if the timing chain skipped a tooth, yes it's the sparks! they're not

happening at the right time :-)

Good point!

> On Nov 14, 2019, at 9:26 AM, charles frink <> wrote:


> Jim


> I wonder if the motor has a case of jumped timing chain ?B  The sudden


of symptoms would indicate , at lease to me, that it is a timing issue .



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> Me? I'd start with ignition and make sure you have good spark at the right

> time. With carbs it's usually problems with spark OR fuel so just double


> the sparking can rule that whole side of the equation out right away (so


> can focus on fuel delivery). Which seems most likely to me at this point.


> [I should note that with FI, you always check spark AND/OR fuel (in that

> order). The fuel injection won't work if there's no spark, compounding your

> debugging so making sure you have sparks at the right time is FIRST


> then fuel pressure, then fuel injection.]


> But you're carb'd. As others suggest, check fuel pressure and keep us


> You'll discovered lots of us will have ideas and lots of them will probably


> proven NOT to be the case but we're happy to offer things to check!

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