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Use MSD 8728 Rev Limiter on Lumenition Ignition System?

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Use MSD 8728 Rev Limiter on Lumenition Ignition System?
« on: October 11, 2019, 01:31:23 PM »
Hi All,

I founds some goodies in my barn cleanout.B  In addition to a NIB Crane

XR700 for Rover (for once I must have been thinking ahead a few years

ago) ignition I also found a MSD 8728 Soft Touch Rev Limiter.B  I would

like to use this on the Lumenition already installed on the V8.B  

However, none of the MSD 8728 wiring diagrams quite line up with the

Rover unit Lumention.

Looks to me like they all work by grounding the coil negative one way or

another.B  An optical ignition is not mentioned in any of the diagrams.B  

I surely don't want to roast the Lumenition unit. Looks like black to

ground,B  red to coil+ and green to coil- and white maybeee....B  Any harm

possible by trying green/white first either together or separately?

Would it make any difference if I have to put white+green connected on

the same circuit like shown in Fig10 that I could not do that right at

the coil terminal instead of in the middle of the green wire as shown?

MSD Manual Dowload:





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