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Top Boot

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Top Boot
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:35:01 PM »
I had to look it up but apparently that is what the cover for the folded top

is called. Anyway, I have an old one if anyone is interested. It's black and

I think it's original as when I got the car in 2001 it had a new one, but

this was in the boot (so confusing these British vs American terms). There

are a few studs missing/broken, but it could probably be fixed. I'm not

interested in getting $$$ for this, but I note that new ones sell for

upwards of $300, so perhaps a charitable donation or something is in order.

I previously advertised some blue velour fabric and have had a few

enquiries. My apologies for being tardy with the responses to those people,

there's a lot going in my life at present. But I will follow up.




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