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Ballast & Coil - Wht/Slt Wire for Tach

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Ballast & Coil - Wht/Slt Wire for Tach
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:52:28 AM »
Hi All,

Can I bypass the ballast resistor and run the wht/slt wire right to the

coil for the tach feed?

Seems that according to the Lumenition documentation I may have had the

system hooked up with the incorrect ballast resistor setup of 3 ohms or

more.B  As I read the stock BR print it shows only 0.7 Ohm to the coil.B  

I don't remember if the 25 year old MSD Blaster2 had resistance built in

or not, though it has worked great for 20 years.

Had it all together but starter solenoid would not kick, so the starter

had to come out, necessitating exhaust removal etc.B B  Foot bone

connected to the shin bone, shin bone connected to the knee bone...





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