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Re: Brake Drum Screws

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William Smith

Re: Brake Drum Screws
« on: July 13, 2019, 12:20:44 PM »
I can think of one reason to keep the brake drum screws. I recall that a number of years ago I went to rotate the tires on one of my American iron cars with drums in the rear, but both of the the rear wheels were rusted to the drums. I had to whack them REALLY hard to get them off.B  If I recall correctly, the drums were held on by metal tabs on the wheel studs.B  If there was nothing holding them on, it is very likely that the drum would have come off with the wheel - rust and all - possibly damaging the brake shoe assembly in the procss.One might argue that you could apply the parking brake before whacking the wheel,B  but it seems to me that would increase the chances of yearing the brake assembly apart.On the other hand, application of antisieze to the surfaces of the wheel and brake drum where they touch is one solution, but why not do both - apply antisieze to the drum screws as well as the wheel and drum surfaces?Just my two cents, for whatever that is worth. :-)
Bill SmithB '72 TR6B '80 TR7B
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