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parts list 2nd try

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Ted Schumacher

parts list 2nd try
« on: January 05, 2019, 01:24:11 PM »
Hi List.B  Sorry about forgetting the attachments were stripped. Let's

try this again. Thanks John & Wayne for reminding me. Ted

TR8 parts list

Complete A/C system



Heater assy b core tested OK. High speed fan runs



Wiring harness with relays

All bracketry including mounts, idler pulley, etc.

Center switch/radio console w/A/C control and plastic dividers between

up/down levers not broken. Grey in color.

Complete A/C radiator mount assembly w/fans, coil and ballast resistor assy.

Complete main wiring harness in excellent condition. This is the harness

that British wiring parent company used as the pattern for what they now


2 complete instrument pads w/gauges b tach's sold

Completer intake system with carbs & linkage, intake manifold w A/C

switch and all water outlets, air filter boxes with hoses and all the

little bits that are usually MIA

Complete emission system including air pump and brackets, air rails,

charcoal cannisters and mounting brackets, fittings, etc.

Exceptionally clean fuel filler neck b no rust inside the neck and

spring loaded flapper valve is intact. For later model car with small cap.

3 Goodyear Grand Prix G800 tires as fitted to TR7/TR8b 1 is date coded

1976 and other 2 are later. Not for driving any distance but great as a

period spare for your car.

TR8 brake master & booster b for rebuilding.

TR8 OE front brake air deflectors for caliper cooling.

1 pair SEV Marchal fog/driving lamps - #750 759 b used, chrome body.

Chrome cleans up fairly well


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Re: parts list 2nd try
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 01:49:21 PM »
Slowly putting together a list for ACN O1052 UCA.just had 4x bypass.  Want

toset up proper cam 7004auto


At the moment Mark