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TR7 silent flasher??

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Bill Derksen

TR7 silent flasher??
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:53:35 PM »
Yup - very dim indicators in the instrument cluster and a quiet

flasher/noisy car. Don't ask me how many miles I've driven down the

highway with the signals merrily flashing away...

You might find a louder flasher, or put in brighter bulbs/LED's in the

cluster, or there are a few articles around on putting a small buzzer in

the circuit to make it more obvious when they are flashing.


On 6/15/18 15:10, TYA2 wrote:

> The flasher in my 1980 TR7 works in that the lights flash

> appropriately when activated and it cancels properly.B B  However it is

> so quiet I can't really hear it.B  I have a number of the other

> vehicles and don't have the problem with these vehicles.B B  Are TR7 and

> 8 flasher relays really quiet? or is this anomaly than can be solved

> with a new one from Victoria British?


> Reg


> 1980 TR7 DHC

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