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Wedge List / Re: electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by Pat Ledford on October 07, 2018, 04:09:32 PM »
My flasher is one for a large truck and is very loud. It beeps instead of

clicks. I adjust the noise level by covering the sound hole with tape and

using a needle make holes until I get the volume I want.  I have had mine

for years, but I believe they are still available over the internet.
Wedge List / Re: electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by tencate on October 07, 2018, 03:47:04 PM »
Ibd prefer a loud click to a buzzer/buzzard sound :-) The nice relay Rob

loaned me made me realize I really didnbt want anything that sounds like a

buzzing sound.

You have any RadioShacks left near you? Ours here in remote Los Alamos FINALLY

went away beginning of this year with nothing to take its place, this in a

town of geeks too!

Wedge List / Re: electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by tencate on October 07, 2018, 03:43:57 PM »
I find that driving with Bose noise cancelling earbuds in my ears kills almost

ALL the wind noise and I can still hear the radio(!) and turn signals and even

when John calls me, all at 75 mph+

Ibm not sure such things are legal but theybre certainly NOT going to

eliminate sirens or other sounds, if anything, those will be clearer so I have

no concerns about them being unsafe.

Just thought Ibd pass that long. I will say, theybre DEBbs Bose earbuds,

not mine and they are VERY pricey but seem worth every penny!

I donbt find my wind noise objectionable with the windows up by the way.

Wedge List / Re: electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by Major Tom on October 07, 2018, 02:48:21 PM »
Just add a flasher buzzer, mine was from Radio Shack IIRC, was years

ago, but likely on Amazon or ebay. 12v buzzer in parallel to the switch.

Simple fix.

Also suggest a coil relay rather than a reed switch.

Wedge List / Re: electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by Odd Hedberg on October 07, 2018, 02:28:58 PM »
Hm... OK...

Then you'll have to inventand build it yourself!  Ever heard of hen's


Those relays You want surely are are as scarce as hen's teeth!

I think You'll have to settle for only a few of those requirements - or

build it yourself.

Clicking sound - are available, so - easy

@ 75 mph in an open top car - most certainly not available, they'd need

to be so loud no-one would buy one

Doesn't require a /separate/ ground wire - most modern relays do, so I

guess You'd have to accept a separate ground wire

Turns off right away - most do that, so - easy

Work with any load - also easy (when there's a separate ground wire to

the electronics) since most are load independent


On 2018-10-07 at 16:21 James Tencate wrote:
Wedge List / electronic turn signal flasher
« Last post by tencate on October 07, 2018, 10:22:21 AM »
My turn signals flashed exceedingly slow on the trip to Triumphest. They're a

mix of brand new 7506LL incandescent (480 lumens) and LED indicators in the

instrument pod (which have burned out but that's another story).

Rob Bowen loaned me an electronic flasher at Triumphest and it worked like a

charm. Except it's a noisy one, with a very audible BEEEEP BEEEEP, etc. and

after driving through the remnants of hurricane Rosa in AZ and NM, with water

coming INTO the car via every nook and cranny you can imagine, the electronic

flasher now sounds like I'm strangling a small crow, repeatedly. CROAK CROAK

CROAK... John Clifford will tell you it sounds pretty awful. I fear water got

in it and ruined it. Now it's still loud, it still works, but it's REALLY

obnoxious and LOUD.

So just replace it you say. Easy? Well...  some electronic flashers don't make

any noise, some don't turn off immediately but flash for 2 or 3 times after

you turn off the turn signal, some have to be grounded, some only work with

LEDs, some will work with a mixture of bulbs, etc. YIKES.

I want one that makes a lovely clicking sound that I can hear in a

convertible, travelling at 75 mph, doesn't require a ground wire, turns off

right away (although maybe that's not a big deal), and works with a mix of LED

and incandescent.




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Wedge List / Re: balloon cars
« Last post by on October 05, 2018, 07:53:44 PM »
bThanks. Cute, and harmless.

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Tr7 bloated motor:

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Wedge List / Re: balloon cars
« Last post by Mark Elbers on October 05, 2018, 10:36:00 AM »
Tr7  bloated motor:

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Wedge List / Re: balloon cars
« Last post by DAVID MASSEY on October 05, 2018, 07:40:17 AM »
The link broke at the line break.  Copy both lines and paste.


Dave Massey
Wedge List / Re: balloon cars
« Last post by "Brian" on October 05, 2018, 06:37:31 AM »
Muddled car as has the US cruise lights and front bumper but the European

side lights

The image looks like something out of Disney's cars.....

Maybe a gas (not helium please as there is a limited supply on earth and to

waste it in balloons when it is needed for medical applications is a

complete waste)  filled balloon to fly at a Triumphfest would work??

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