It is no surprise that many parts interchange between the TR7 and TR8.  If you include body panels, there are probably more parts shared than not, but what isn’t as well documented or obvious is the level of interchangeability between our wedge and other models in the Triumph,  wider British Leyland family or with other manufacturers. 

This information can be very useful when sourcing replacement parts.  For instance: your electric fuel pump just died and the “kid” behind the parts counter doesn’t have a listing for a TR8.  These web pages show a number of generic part numbers which may hint at a solution.  

To find what you are looking for, simply drill down in the menu options to the left side of your screen.


1.       Of course original specification parts are always preferred and there are not many parts that are truly NLA or unavailable (new or used) in good condition from various specialty venders or third party sellers.  Where possible, we should all support the wedge specific venders who show an interest in our vehicles and without whom we could not keep these cars on the road. 


2.       I am aware that some of the information contained within these pages is obsolete.   I leave the old part numbers and suppliers names for those with an investigative bent or for those that might stumble across new old stock or OEM parts that have been hidden for years on the back shelf of some old timers shop.   Also, if you can’t find a part new off the shelf, try an auto wrecker, where used parts can often be found that have much life left in them.


What is different about X-Ref 3.0:  (October 2015)


1.       There is now a complete new page dedicated to light bulbs.  Included are options for LED upgrades as well.


2.       Triumph factory part numbers are now assigned to the majority of entries, where it makes sense.  This allows for easier cross reference to the factory parts manuals.


3.       In October 2014, the lengthy exercise of trawling through the archive of newsletters from the Triumph Wedge Owners Association (TWOA) and its predecessor the TR8 Car Club of America (TR8CCA) was completed. Rather than copy and paste the complete text for each article into these web pages, which in some cases as quite substantial, you will see references (issue & page number) where applicable.  TWOA members have full online access to the complete archive of newsletters.  If you are not currently  a TWOA member you can find out more here:


4.       More references from the WWWedge e-mail list are included.    As its name implies, this is an old school e-mail list server, nothing fancy, call it Social Media 1.0.   It can lay claim to being one of the very first Automotive e-mail lists in the history of the internet.  In fact it started back when the majority of “internet” users were still academics or researchers and we even had a web page, before there was a World Wide Web.  For information on how to sign-up and use this great (free) service,  take a look here:


What was different about X-Ref 2.0 (June 2013)


1.       The format was changed a little to make better use of the available screen space and the navigation was improved to give readers an easier time finding information.


2.       Many new entries were added, including some expanded explanations on things like the transmission speedometer gears.  As such this strayed a little into “how-to” territory, but I feel this is warranted for questions that come up often.



Mark Elbers